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What are the best ways to sell a commercial property? How do you stand out from the crowd and what’s the best way to attract the right buyer?

Invest in great photography

It’s vitally important to present the property in its best possible light, This may include aerial photography for properties in popular locations, which identifies a property’s proximity to surrounding landmarks.  Buyers buy with their eyes not necessarily from what they read.

Focus on internet listings

More and more these days the first place buyers go to satisfy their commercial property requirements is the internet. Hardy’s recommend premium or elite listings to ensure that my listing is seen before the competition

Prepare, prepare & prepare

Provide as much information as possible. Buyers are scared of what they do not understand, so I like to provide as much information as possible so that a buyer can submit their best possible offer with the cleanest possible terms.

Create a sense of urgency

Nominate a fixed timeline for buyers to undertake their commercial property investigations and submit their offers.  This may take the form of an auction, tender or expressions of interest campaign with a closing date.

Maintain buyer momentum in your commercial property

Maintain the flow of information throughout the campaign. Keep the campaign to around 5 or 6 weeks only, which is long enough for buyers to conduct their enquiries and not too long to allow their interest to wane

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