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Independence leads by example.

Never underestimate the freedom of independence.  Since 1977 Hardys1 has moved ahead of the times by combining professionalism and pragmatism with impartiality and integrity. At each step on this ascendant path we have consistently regarded our strategic stance as a truly independent property services provider as our greatest asset.  
There is a general misconception that when you deal with a member of a franchise group you as the client receive benefits from the group. In fact you are actually dealing with an individual owner operating under their own rules, with little if any interaction with fellow member offices. We strongly feel that independent operators who have the confidence, skills and “get up and go” attitude will infinitely offer you, the client, a higher standard of service.
As a truly independent service provider we gauge our performance on the results we achieve for each and every one of our clients.  The opportunities we discover for them, the breakthroughs we can make on their behalf and the results we realise are part of a collaboration that’s based on trust and transparency.  
With this independence comes innovation driven by initiative.  It spurs greater scope for flexibility to identify outcomes that others cannot.  It fuels our capacity to make things happen, unhindered by outdated modes of “tick the boxes” methodology generated by distant and out of touch head offices.
We bring independent market intelligence plus experienced and straightforward advice to the working relationship.  And we give you the scope to act on it. 

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